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Global Human Capital Trends 2014  10/17/2014

HR Investments next  12-18 months

An analysis of the 12 human capital issues considered most critical to enterprise success by 2532 businesses and HR leaders in 94 countries. The study is linked to an interactive tool, the Human Capital Trends Dashboard, that allows readers to segment the survey data by industry, geography and company size.

The supply side of the talent management equation, labor markets, has been amply reviewed in recent years: demographic shifts, worker shortages and surpluses, generational differences, skills deficits, changing worker attitudes, and so forth. Deloitte’s report is a detailed analysis of the demand, or employer, side. Read More ►


Research: Global Talent 2021  10/8/2014

College-educated talent pool352 HR executives surveyed about the worldwide geography of talent, how it has begun transforming their human resource strategies, and what transformation projects are under way

Sometimes the value of a report lies in revelations of what we don’t know. Other times it lies in summaries of what we do. We know, for example, that trends in technology, globalization, labor demographics, customer needs and competition are forcing changes in how organizations view their workforces. We also know, at least at a high level, what those changes mean for human resources departments...

The macro-level, academic work in this area is not new but specific facts remain arresting:

Read More ►


The Benefits and Limits of Decision Models  10/2/2014

Models/PerformanceWhat the analysis of big data can (models) and can’t (performance) offer corporate HR departments

Usually we report on original research. This is a report about research — specifically how new investments in data and data analysis can and can’t help CHROs manage their human capital better.

The benefits of big data are well known in many areas... But there are limitations. No matter how accurate data-based models become, they can’t make wine or run financial service companies. No matter how much data is available, there still remains the complicated business of...  Read More ►

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