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Research: Interviews, the Unexamined Process  7/1/2015

Interview DurationsA worldwide analysis of hiring times and why they have trended up in recent years, with special attention to the impact of the candidate vetting process (tests, checks and interviews)

A major talent portal selected a sample of 344,250 job interview reviews posted on their site over a 72 month period (2009-2015). The data cover more than 75,000 unique job titles across roughly 62,000 employers in six countries (U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom). Analysis took place in two phases: Read More ►

Research: New U.S. Time-to-Hire Data  6/25/2015

Mean Vacancy
Three sources explain rising national time-to-hire statistics, and also point to the increasing need for dedicated data capabilities within the corporate staffing function.

In a recent series of articles, the Wall Street Journal reviewed data from the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Glassdoor, and DHI. The Conference of Mayors data reviews unemployment statistics, city by city,  from 2013-2015 plus projections through 2017. While the overall national trend is down as the nation approaches what economists consider full employment, individual metro areas have performed differently... Read More ►

Research: Hallmarks of Great HR  6/12/2015

HR Topics According to Urgency
A worldwide report card on corporate HR strategy versus accomplishment and the implications for companies’ operational and financial performance.

An exceptionally large scale study (3507 respondents worldwide) that identifies the ten human capital topics—and 27 subtopics—considered most important to future business success. Respondents also report the level of actual effort directed at each topic and subtopic. This allows researchers to create an “urgency for action” metric showing mismatches between strategy and accomplishment. Read More ►

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