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Analytics in the Boardroom  4/8/2014

new hire performancenew hire performanceAnalytics in the Boardroom focuses on corporate boards’ increasing need for, and reliance on, data-supported answers to tough business questions. Nearly 6 out of 10 organizations now differentiate themselves through such efforts.

Organizations that are taking a wait-and-see approach to analytics are falling behind their more determined peers. Leading organizations are now executing carefully targeted analytics efforts designed for maximum strategic advantage.

Research: Sustainable Workforce Engagement  4/4/2014

graph: how engagement affects operating margin How workers regard their work and how committed they are to their employers affects how productive they are. How productive they are then directly affects the profitability of their companies.

This study from Towers Watson of 32,000 workers worldwide, provides leadership teams with insights into the most effective ways to influence worker attitudes and behaviors in positive ways.

Towers Watson uses the term “sustainable engagement” to describe the optimal relationship between employers and workers. It has three components:

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Research: Big Data for HR  3/25/2014

Sources of big data within companiesA broad, deep report on “Big Data” from Tata Consultancy Services: how it’s defined, who’s using it, where users are located, what they’re using it for, what the investment returns are, and which departments are driving usage.

An excellent introduction for those who may be less familiar with the topic as well as a useful benchmark reference for those who already have initiatives underway. HR is one of the departments studied. The study focuses on six issues...

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