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How Performance Appraisals Mislead   9/29/2016


Summary A seven year study of performance appraisals, what they do and how they work, including their associated employment outcomes. 

Description Employers hire job candidates because of the potential fit between their talents and aptitudes and the work being offered. Pre-hire appraisals (tests, interviews, background checks, references…) are supposed to help determine that probability. Post-hire measurements, i.e. performance appraisals, tell employers whether or not they did. Unfortunately, both appraisal processes are sufficiently imperfect...

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Improving Candidate Attraction   9/20/2016


TA SolutionsSummary  Four pieces of research address the technological requirements for competing effectively in today's talent marketplace.


Description Of the various phases of recruitment - discovering candidates, attracting them, qualifying them and onboarding them – none is more challenging today than the attraction phase. Technology has created extraordinary transparency in the job marketplace, making it easy to browse for job and career opportunities. While this would appear to make attraction less difficult—more talent in the market— the reality, even for superior employer brands, is the opposite. 

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How Top Performers Job Hunt plus Reinvention in the HR Software Market   8/10/2016


Summary One research organization analyzes how high performing employees find jobs. Another reviews past stages of HR technology and explains the next stage.


Description Two new surveys from The Hiring Lab (Indeed’s global research institute) of 1000 hiring managers and 4000 high performing job seekers reaffirms that very few workers any more approach their careers passively. Top performers, in particular, who in the past were often considered passive, are as active as any other group in seeking new opportunities.


Josh Bersin’s lengthy article in Forbes reviews the arc of technology innovation in HR in recent decades...

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