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Older Workers and Predictive Analytics   5/23/2016

Summary SHRM’s research into the value of older workers, plus IBM’s guidance on how to build a successful analytics capability within HR and why the time to do it is now.

Description/Value In 2014, SHRM Research began a three year partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to study the impact of changing demographics on the corporate workforce together with the actions employers were taking to prepare for those changes. Among the findings...

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Redefining Talent   5/12/2016

Summary What trends are perceptive CHROS in top companies most concerned about? How do their concerns differ from those of other executives? This worldwide survey of 601 individuals, part of a broader survey of 5200 C-level individuals, provides answers, plus comparisons with the concerns of C-level peers.

Description “Technological advances are disrupting the status quo and bringing huge turmoil in their wake. Industries are converging, and new competitors emerging, as never before. The nature of work is changing and demand for digital expertise is soaring, while other skills are becoming defunct. So how can CHROs chart a path through the turbulence and help their fellow executives understand the impact on the workforce?”

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The State of Employer Branding   5/5/2016

Relationship between consumer brand and employer brandSummary The first of four survey reports from 2300+ senior corporate executives concerning the ownership of employer branding, stakeholder cooperation, branding objectives, brand strength, budgets and paths forward.

Description Over the past decade, employer branding — meaning corporate branding specifically designed to attract and retain the most talented and productive employees — has moved from the wings to center stage...

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