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Research: Global Trends in RPO 2014  7/25/2014

Vacancies filled by 3rd partyRecruitment process outsourcing has been around for more than 20 years. It’s one of the most potent staffing tools in the CHRO’s toolbox but one that’s used to its full potential by relatively few organizations, even in its two best developed markets, the USA and the UK. The friction caused by three trends makes this worth some attention.

Trend 1 — The current and increasing worldwide imbalance between talent supply and demand. This survey adds to the evidence: 61% of organizations report having difficulty recruiting the staff they need. And this pressure will increase as most companies (73%) plan additional hiring over the next 12 months...

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Research: Misaligned Staffing Resources  7/17/2014

Recruitment Spend GraphNovo Group has published a couple of survey reports about the relationship between company goals and staffing processes and resources. The 2012 report covers infrastructure, sourcing and budgets. The 2014 report deals with candidate quality, candidate relationship management and candidate behavior.

Together they frame a paradox: corporate expectations for workforce excellence on the one hand vs. the HR resources allocated and organized to create that excellence on the other. Top executives are asking for better staffing performance because they’ve realized that more and better talent is a competitive necessity, but without realizing how much traditional staffing roles, processes and budgets have to change to accomplish that.

Here are some examples in the study...

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Partnering for Performance  7/10/2014

CRO and CHRO collaboration Partnering for Performance is the second in Ernst & Young’s ongoing series focused on how CFOs can develop more powerful business partnerships with other corporate departments, in this case HR. According to their research, two biggest challenges facing international businesses today involve scarcity of capital and shortages of talent. CFOs are in charge of one and CHROs the other. It is logical and desirable that they be close working allies.

But historically they have not been. An organization’s workforce is usually its largest expense. In the past, CFOs were trained to view that asset primarily as a cost, while HR was trained to view it as an investment. But those views are outdated.

According to E&Y, corporate HR and corporate finance are in parallel states of transition...

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