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State of the Workforce  9/23/2014

length of onboarding programsFor some years, PwC Saratoga has conducted an annual human capital survey of 300+ U.S. companies representing 12 industry sectors. These are large companies averaging $5.3 billion in sales and 19,300 employees. Separate reports are published for the US, global, European, Canadian, Latin American and Asian geographies. More than 200 metrics are kept in 10 categories.

Postiive news and looming problems explored.... Read More ►


The Global Workforce Crisis  9/11/2014

Labor Supply ForecastBCG’s analysis of workforce trends worldwide through 2030. “Crisis” refers to current and pending imbalances in many countries, some of them already severe, between labor supply and demand.

BCG is a top tier consulting firm whose worldwide practice in 45 countries focuses on business strategy. Their research and client work—often with the world’s largest companies—has led them to identify human capital as a crisis issue that is “scarcely noted, let alone managed.”

BCG identifies human capital and invested capital as the keys to economic prosperity, regardless of whether the entity is private or public... Read More ►


2014 Workforce Talent Job Seeker Survey  9/4/2014

graphMonster’s annual report on who’s in the job market, why they are there, how they view the marketplace, what they value, what frustrates them, and what they seek.

The report summarizes survey responses from 1100 active job seekers in Monster’s database representing three populations: employed, unemployed and re-entry. The general mood across all groups appears to be one of restlessness coupled with mild confidence and frustration.

For employers anxious to retain talent, there are numerous red flags... Read More ►

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