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Employment Screening Benchmarks  8/21/2014

Most common background checks graphThe 7th edition of HireRight’s annual report on employment screening benchmarks for background, drug & alcohol, health, I-9 management and employment eligibility verification

Most employers screen applicants to eliminate from the recruiting funnel bad apples (violence, theft, criminal, drugs), and poor apples (resume misrepresentations,  inadequate qualifications, poor work performance), and to manage regulatory risks (employee eligibility)

The report covers a good deal of ground: trends and challenges, program design, screening policies, program leadership and structure, and best practices for various screening categories. It’s a “who’s doing what” report, not a “how to do it better” report.

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Analytics: The New Path to Value  8/15/2014

How the smartest organizations are embedding analytics to transform insights into action

The study found that companies fall into 3 groups based on their analytics capability — aspirational, experienced and transformed – each distinct from the others.

No stage is without meaningful business advantages, but those advantages increase as experience and investment increases. For example, Stage Three organizations (transformed) are three times more likely than Stage One organizations (aspirational) to say they substantially outperform their competitors.  Other findings...

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What Job Seekers Want  8/11/2014

Experience Mismatch IndexAn in-depth analysis of what employed workers search for before they make a job move and the factors likely to influence that move

Over the course of a single generation, computers and the Internet have radically changed how the job marketplace operates and how the business of corporate staffing is conducted. One of the results has been previously unavailable sets of data that provide new insights into how the world actually operates as opposed to how we suppose it does.

Indeed, the big job aggregator, decided to mine search data for a single month (July, 2013) to see what it revealed. The results were surprising...

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