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Rethinking the Role of the Strategist  1/8/2015

Strategy archetypes graphMcKinsey’s report on how corporate strategy and the role of CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) have evolved since the 1980s. A useful reference for the many CHROs who are themselves transitioning from a process-centered role to active and demanding membership on the corporate strategy team.

CHROs who have been asked by their companies to transition to a more strategy-based role will benefit from understanding the evolution of that role and the broadening of its responsibilities over the past 35 years...
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Where Will You Find Analytics Talent  12/19/2014

New Analytics Jobs 2010 - 2015Accenture analyzes the looming shortage of the three types of analytics specialists needed to exploit big data.

The data beast keeps growing. In a couple of decades, at the individual level alone, we have raced past bites, kilobytes, and megabytes into the realm of gigabytes. At the business and government level we are already coping with tera and petabytes. And data scientists are projecting us into exabytes, zettabytes and beyond.
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CEOs and CHROs: Crucial Allies and Potential Successors  12/5/2014

Graph Leadership StylesNew research shows that great CHROs are rare, highly sought after, and highly compensated. With the exception of the COO, they also share the greatest number of the management strengths with successful CEOs.

The traditional path to the CEO's job has been through sales/marketing, operations or finance. But for today’s CEOs these kinds of expertise are table stakes. Increased business pressures require additional skills. Creating capable, successful organizations requires more than adequate structures (roles, responsibilities and rules)...
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