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HR Technology Systems Survey, 2014-15  11/21/2014
Perceived value of social toolsSince 1997, one of the most definitive (1063 respondents worldwide) annual surveys of technology adoption for core HR, payroll, talent management, workforce management, business intelligence, and analytics solutions.

Reports on adoptions and trends for applications, deployments, vendor outlooks. Suggests implications and makes recommendations for both vendors and practitioners. Covers applications for HR administration. Reports on new technologies.. Addresses the practices that support effective technology usage....

Every CHRO should read this report!  Read More

Research: Workplace America 2014  11/13/2014

Graph: When does turnover occur?TalentKeeper’s 10th survey of trends related to workforce engagement and retention covering a wide variety of industries and organization sizes. Includes benchmarks for the priorities and behaviors of “best in class” (top 10%) organizations.

Those who follow HR literature with any regularity, will have already noticed the increasing frequency of stories about retention and engagement. As the economy has recovered workforce surveys have begun pointing to high levels of employee restlessness and increased flight risk. The highly skilled in particular are open to competing bids for their services.  Read More ►

HR Technology for 2015: Ten big disruptions  11/7/2014

Expect your HR and technology vendors to offer benchmarking data with their systems. This will help certain, well-established vendors disrupt their competitors. - Josh Bersin

How a decade of technological progress has changed—and will continue to change—HR’s work and how it accomplishes that work.

The $15 billion market in HR software is exploding. Bersin by Deloitte is tracking more than 100 startups in areas ranging from network-based recruiting to assessment science and workplace wellness. The marketplace is being flooded with new, innovative HR solutions, often financed by venture capital firms who have targeted this vibrant new software sector.

There are several trends at work. The first one involves changing the relationship between technology and users. Read More ►

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