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For staffing leaders who need ready access to comprehensive, authoritative, current research from multiple sources related to finding, competing for, hiring, retaining and developing human capital.

12-month access to our research includes:

9 Report Series — covering all areas of corporate staffing. Integrates multiple studies into roadmaps for planning and action. 

Weekly Research Updates — We monitor 126 sources of information related to corporate talent acquisition and management, and report each week on one or two studies.

Quarterly Research Reviews (new product) Quarterly publications that aggregate and organize by topic important research. Issues 1-3 (2014 Q1-Q3) available now.

See below for individual product description.

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Quarterly Research Review - Q3 Issue 3

Quarterly Research Review Vol 1 Issue 3

In addition to our own research, we regularly review noteworthy research published by others — roughly ten studies per quarter. Four times a year we collect those reviews, organize them topically and publish as a Review
In this third issue, we report on research reviewed during 2014 Q3.

Companies represented include: Novo Group, KellyOCG, Indeed HIring Lab, IBM, HIreRight, Monster, BCG, PwC Saratoga, McKinsey.

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Quarterly Research Review - Q2 Issue 2

Quarterly Research Review Q2

In addition to our own research, we regularly review noteworthy research published by others — roughly ten studies per quarter. Four times a year we collect those reviews, organize them topically and publish them.
This issue reports on research reviewed during 2014 Q2.
This edition provides summaries of selected, new research from: Creelman Lambert, KellyOCG, Aberdeen, i4cp, TATA, Mercer, Harvard Business School, Boston Consulting Group and Ernst & Young.

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Quarterly Research Review - Q1 Issue 1
Quarterly Research Review
In addition to our own research, we regularly review noteworthy research published by other companies — roughly ten studies per quarter. In this first issue, we report on research reviewed during 2014 Q1.

Companies represented include Bernhard Hodes Group, Towers Watson, IBM Institute for Business Value, Silkroad, Gallup, Watson Wyatt, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Orca Eyes, and CedarCrestone.
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Technology Report

In the 20th century corporate staffing model, technology merely facilitated recruiting activities; in the 21st century model it controls them. Best practice has become impossible without it. Mastering today’s technology and anticipating tomorrow’s trends has therefore become a critical staffing management competency.  Yet too few leaders—we estimate fewer than 1 in 10— are technologically astute. Staffing’s tradition has been to “use” technology tools, but to let the IT and finance departments “own” them.

Outlines what ownership means and how to achieve it.

Provides a roadmap for managers who want better control of, and better performance from, their mission-critical tools.

Explains technology’s evolution and current state, its operational and business benefits, how to become an expert advocate, and why ownership must be a top-five priority for any organization aspiring to staffing excellence.

Written in non-technical language, with dozens of illustrations and templates.

Included in Corporate Research Membership

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Trends Report

Trends 2014

Staffing executives can no longer manage effectively without thoroughly understanding the trends that are affecting labor markets, management thinking, candidate and employee behaviors, and the tools of their profession. Employers who follow trends closely and make a point of regularly adjusting their staffing practices are performing much more competently than those who don’t.

This completely rewritten update of our prior report reviews 16 trends and 10 adaptive behaviors. Throughout, the focus is on what trends mean in terms of the capabilities, competencies and capacities required of 21st century staffing organizations to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, effectiveness and business impact.

Included in Corporate Research Membership

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Recruiting Effectiveness and Retention

recruiting Effectiveness and Retention Report

If efficiency is a staffing management prerequisite, effectiveness—putting the best people in the right jobs—is where the money is. Besides making hiring managers happy, effectiveness provides several other powerful business benefits:

  • Great hires usually outperform fair or even good hires, leading to gains in business metrics like sales, customer satisfaction, growth, market share and profits.
  • Retention, when properly calculated, provides much greater savings than the usual cost-per-hire calculations would suggest.

Few staffing managers take advantage of the influence that results from knowing how to quantify effectiveness and communicate its bottom-line business benefits. Our research shows that once they learn how, they can wield outsized influence in their organizations.

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Leadership and Business Impact

Leadership and Business Impact Report

This is the final report in our Corporate Research Series. It reviews our findings from three years of researching the challenges faced by leaders in talent acquisition and management and how the most successful companies solved them. This is not a book of case studies, but rather of principles and practices available to any company, of any size, in any industry.  

Until recently, all enterprise staffing departments worked in similar ways. Staffing professionals could move from one firm to another with little friction. Today that is no longer true. Performance differences approaching 100% reflect very different ways of performing every staffing related task from sourcing and retention to tool selection and funding.

This report describes the challenges faced by the corporate talent acquisition profession today and provides the blueprint for staffing leadership tomorrow.

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Cost and Time

Cost and Time Report

Efficiency is the most basic staffing metric. How good is yours? This new report provides all the benchmarks you need to find out.

  • The most definitive staffing efficiency report on the market (14th edition)
  • Best practice stats by industry, company size, job level, and number of hires
  • Essential data for reporting to management, evaluating performance, and planning
  • How to achieve the right efficiency for your specific organization
  • How to reconcile efficiency with other priorities

This double report contains four times as much efficiency data and analysis as any of our previous, critically acclaimed reports.

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Candidate Attitudes and Behaviors

Candidate Attitudes and Behaviors

Today’s job candidates are not yesterdays’. Thanks to the Internet, they are better informed, choosier, more opportunistic and critical, more mobile, and more self-protective than prior generations. Within six months of hire, 70% are already considering their next move, an attitude that has relatively little to do with economic conditions and a great deal to do with frayed social contracts and the most transparent job market that has ever existed. Employers who understand how these sentiments have affected candidate behavior, and have adapted their candidate sourcing, job marketing and candidate management accordingly, are outperforming competitors by large margins.

  • How and why the job market has fundamentally changed (for all candidates at all job levels)
  • How those changes have empowered candidates and changed their behavior
  • How they are using their new power to select employers
  • Why traditional recruiting turns them off
  • How to use this knowledge to significantly improve recruiting efficiency and effectiveness.

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Recruiter Workload

Recruiter Workload Report

This report answers one of the most persistent and vexing questions facing recruiting managers: “Is there a rational and fair way to assign the correct requisition load to every recruiter regardless of their assignment?” We researched workloads back to 2002 (they ranged from less than 5 to more than 100!), analyzed the data, and have been able to establish reliable benchmarks for exempt, non-exempt and executive hires, and even more important, create a methodology that accounts for the 23 variables that can affect these numbers.

This report will allow you to

  • Increase staff productivity and stability
  • Poach top recruiters from less informed competitors
  • Counter complaints with facts
  • Use variables to adjust workloads

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Sourcing and Marketing

Sourcing and Marketing Report

As the 21st century Internet job market has expanded and fragmented, traditional sourcing and job advertising techniques have become increasingly inefficient. To boost performance, top recruiters have turned to powerful, proven marketing tools and techniques developed by business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketers.

These data and research based, analytical procedures focus on developing and nurturing brand equity and have dramatically improved cost and time results as well as candidate quality and fit. According to our research, they have become the number one reason why the performance gap between recruiting leaders and laggards is widening.

This important research report will show you

  • How this evolution occurred and why
  • What the new tools are and how to use them
  • How to make the top of your recruiting funnel at least twice as efficient
  • How to reassign your best staff to the highest value recruiting activities
  • How to build a competitive, lasting job market brand that lowers costs and increases quality, even if your budget is modest

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Strategic Outsourcing

Strategic Outsourcing Report

Traditional recruitment outsourcing is overwhelmingly tactical and cost driven, providing employers with little strategic business advantage. Its replacement, strategic outsourcing, is one of the most powerful aspects of the 21st century staffing model that allows internal staffing resources to be refocused on activities with greater business impact.

  • The Evolving Staffing Ecosystem
  • Tactical Outsourcing
  • Strategic Outsourcing

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